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  • Spheroidizing agent
    Spheroidizing agent
    Excellent spheroidizing effect and less addition. Less slag occurrence, less slag holes and less shrinkage holes
    The reaction is mild, less hot metal scattering, long reaction duration and less reaction smoke
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  • Cored wire for spheroidization
    Cored wire for spheroidization
    Features: high alloy absorption, stable reaction, improved working environment, automation and precision; Utility: anti spheroidization recession ability, anti graphite distortion, can refine the matrix structure, and has little white mouth tendency.
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  • Vermicular Agent
    Vermicular Agent
    Vermicular ink has good shape, short and wide vermicular ink, less splitting effect on metal matrix and high plasticity. The disadvantage of using rare earth ferrosilicon alloy as Vermicular Agent is that the suitable dosage range is narrow
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  • Inoculant
    The melting point can be reduced and the density can be increased under appropriate hot metal composition and treatment temperature
    It is more effective in removing white mouth and neutralizing harmful elements
    Good al Qaeda and mechanical properties can be obtained
    Complete dissolution, rapid reaction and excellent effect
    The particles are thick, uniform and stable.
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  • Silicon zirconium inoculant
    Silicon zirconium inoculant
    Features: both gray cast iron and nodular cast iron are applicable
    Utility: reduce porosity, good solubility and improve processing performance.
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  • Silicon strontium inoculant
    Silicon strontium inoculant
    Features: special thin-wall gray iron castings
    utility: eliminate white cast iron, reduce shrinkage tendency and reduce porosity.
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  • Silicon bismuth inoculant
    Silicon bismuth inoculant
    Features: special ferritic nodular iron castings
    utility: increase the number of graphite balls and ferrite, reduce the shrinkage tendency and reduce broken graphite.
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