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Corporate culture

Huaguang metal promotes fair and sound business activities according to the enterprise concept "three programs" since its establishment. Continuously improve the law-abiding operation, such as formulating the "enterprise action policy" as the enterprise action guide, improving the internal regulations related to discipline and law-abiding, adopting the law-abiding operation executive system and improving the crisis management system. In addition, in order to thoroughly implement law-abiding operation, each employee must not only abide by relevant laws and regulations, the Universal Declaration of human rights formulated by the United Nations and international labor standards issued by the International Labour Organization, but also abide by the "code of conduct for Huaguang metal employees" to ensure that their behavior conforms to social norms

"Environmental charter" and "Social Charter" are formulated according to the company's corporate philosophy "three programs". As a spheroidizing agent business company striving for globalization, while seeking to continuously improve its corporate value, it strives to contribute to the sustainable development of society