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Key operation points of calcium silicate wire

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Many additives are used in the steel smelting process. If these additives are directly put into the liquid steel, it is easy to reduce the temperature of the liquid steel, and the particle size of the additives is not uniform, which will also affect the smelting speed. The use of calcium silicate wire for wire cutting operation can cut these additives into a unified size, avoid the introduction of other impurities, and is more conducive to the steel smelting process. So what are the key points of the line operation of calcium silicate line

The reaction of solid core pure calcium wire is more intense than that of silicon calcium wire. Attention should be paid to calcium treatment operations, such as penetration depth and linear velocity. During the operation of the solid core pure calcium wire, due to the high calcium vapor pressure of the solid core pure calcium wire, in order to prevent the natural evaporation of calcium, the solid core pure calcium wire must be deep. One aspect is to increase the thickness of the iron sheet to prevent its premature melting from affecting the calcium release depth; The other method is to increase the linear velocity of ferroalloy to increase the release depth of calcium. The higher linear velocity enables the solid core pure calcium wire to penetrate the slag layer and reach a certain depth, reduce the oxidation of calcium by slag, increase the absorption of calcium by molten steel and improve the recovery rate of calcium

Linear velocity and linear rhythm are the key parameters of calcium silicate wire process. Too fast or too slow linear velocity and rhythm will affect the melting time and oxidation degree of calcium silicate wire, resulting in the influence of metallurgical effect. Therefore, when applying calcium silicate wire, we should always pay attention to the molten steel condition

There are many kinds of silicon calcium wires, and the operation process and effect of different types of silicon calcium wires in the line are also different, which should also be determined in combination with their own actual situation. The silicon calcium wire can also supplement a certain amount of calcium for liquid steel, which is also very helpful for the purification of liquid steel and the supplement of calcium source